Guardian of Ancient Kings Armour Incoming?

This is a bit old but with work and ITCN Asia coming up i had very little time for gamez and blogging. Very quickly, both forums and bloggers are busy writing about the good and bad’s of the T13. I am surprised that very little people apart from those on MMO Champion actually covered the T13 rumor…


What Rumor i hear you say? Well unless you have been living under a rock, are not into wow or don’t bother keeping up with the game, i am referring to this:



Now i know a Rumor is just that and i don’t really want to speculate too much into this, but personally it would be pure awesome sauce to transform my not so shiny paladins into one of these:

I don’t know about you but that thing looks totally awesome.  So here is Pakistan’s best Paladin saying, yes please blizzard bring on the epicness.