Resident Evil: Project Raccoon City

Image is copyright of Capcom Enterprises.

Okay if anyone of you is a major resident evil fan like me, you will be buzzing for information on the upcoming release of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. What is Operation Raccoon city? Well for the uninitiated capcom announced in early 2011 that it would be releasing the next installment of it’s zombie fest third person shooter.

But why is Operation Raccoon City so great pray tell? Well for one the plot aims to fill in the many gaps left behind by Resident Evil Zero, Resident Evil Two and Nemisis AKA Last Escape. Set in the timeline between resident evil two and nemisis, you can play one of six playable characters each with their own unique abilities.

However what makes the game interesting from a players perspective is that the co-developers of the game are Six Slant, anyone who is into FPS will know the name well for they are the power house behind titles such as SOCOM: Navy Seals. In addition to the input from Six Slant the mechanics of the game promise improved interactivity between the player and NPC and Enemy AI.

The zombies and other BOW: Bio Organic Weapons (mean a$$ mofos) will attack the player from a multitude of angles and not just the linear attack formation we all loathed in titles like resident evil 2, nemisis and up to gun survivor 1.  The bleed mechanic from resident evil 1 is still in tow and has been improved, now injured players and allies will attract enemies and their response will be more aggressive if you have a bleed on you then if you did not.

Now couple that with Capcom’s epic ability to come up with game plots and character design ( i will let Darkside Chronicles slide this time), we are in for a treat. Also Capcom has recently released a new viral advertisement campaign in the form of a website for Umbrella.

The website which initially presents itself as a almost clinically clean corporate (too many c’s) website, slowly becomes corrupted and leads the visitor to a new page where a video from a Mr. X tells the visitor “just how umbrella is lying and how mr. x needs your help in solving clues to get to the truth).

Anyone remember the old g-virus email? But this one is far better and more interactive, to see what i am talking about please feel free to visit:


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